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[Information]The five most anticipated works of Nintendo’s face-to-face meeting | Sacred Fire Conqueror Records | Pasture Story | Crossroad Traveler | Rune Factory

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[Information]The five most anticipated works of Nintendo’s face-to-face meeting | Sacred Fire Conqueror Records | Pasture Story | Crossroad Traveler | Rune Factory


this timeNintendo face to faceIt’s really exciting to see, one after another classic remakes, or the classic sequels are published, sorted outFive of my most anticipated new titlesIn the order of release time, I will briefly introduce the content of the game and my little experience. You don’t want to miss any of them!

game introduction

Sacred Fire Conqueror Engage

On sale January 20, 2023this work has the samechess elementturn-based battles, the story stage is a world of four kingdoms and a holy place, called the continent of Ererus, and the protagonist is set as aAmnesiac Dragonmeet the dragon guardian and start an adventure, wearing a special ring on his hand, which canSummons famous characters of all agesFighting side by side, the official has not released too much news, but I think the most attention is that the abruptred and blue hairOh! Even the eyes are red and blue, I can only say that they are too handsome.

Ranch Story Beautiful Life

Available January 26, 2023childhood masterpieceRemake of Ranch StoryHere it is again! This time it was released in 2003The foundation of a beautiful lifeThe reworked version created, farming and raising cattle in Forgotten Valley, communicating with residents, getting married and having children, of course all the necessary elements of Ranch Story, the most special thing about this work isthe flow of timeplayers will grow old with time, children will not always crawl on the ground, they will grow up, and they will develop different stories according to different actions, but these are also the settings of the original work, the most important thing in the remake is the picture. The performance is similar to 3D modeling, and the style of painting looks similar to the recently remade Ore Town and Olive Town, but the whole picture is more beautiful and more integrated.But the dialogue seems to be the same without the standing painting that everyone cares about the most.can only say a little pity.

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Astray Traveler 2

Available February 24, 2023SE Studio’s Exploding Fire God is a traveler on the wrong road, and he will also come outsecond generationHello, in the high-definition pixel map, there are eight protagonists with different backgrounds, with different occupations and different stories. The whole picture of the promotional video looks likesame generationthe music is also played in the background music of a generation, even the eight occupations are the same! The new elements are also minor changes, such as occupations with auxiliary combat, and you can switch between morning and evening, but to be honest, all the games are the same. Generation’s most criticized is the too scattered plot, this timeThe second generation should pay more attention to the description of the plot, and there is a cross plot between the protagonists.it should be to improve this part, if the plot of this masterpiece is also amazing, I can’t imagine it!

Rune Factory 3 Special Edition

On sale in spring 2023the fourth and fifth generations of Rune Factory, the masterpiece of childhood, have been remade, and it is finally the third generation!The third generation can be said to be the rise of the Rune Factoryin addition to the ranch element, the focus is on fighting monsters, and it has a complete storyline. The screen performance of the remake version can be said to be high-definition, but still retains a considerable original style. The dialogue in theThe portraits are pretty cool tooBright, the original has everything that the original should have, in addition to thisNew patterns and elements of newlywed lifeit seems that the game makers have also noticed that marriage is the key point. At the end of the promotional video, there will be a new rune factory announcement, but it is only in production, it should take a while, the official means is to play the remake first. .

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

May 12, 2023On sale, when Link opened the door, I was alreadyburst into tearsNow, the must-play masterpiece on Switch, The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild, has finally released a sequel after five years. This time the story is a continuation of the previous work. Link, who successfully defeated Calamity Ganon, will take the princess to start a new game. adventure, in addition to the very large land of Hyrule, there are moresky to explorebut the specific gameplay has not been announced yet, it can only be said that no introduction is needed.buy it right


This time the new work is organized like this, I hope to play these games soon,Everyone is looking forward to! If there are errors or omissions, please leave a message below to add and introduce them here~ Thank you for seeing you here

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