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Top 5: The best adapters for Android Auto Wireless – use your smartphone wirelessly

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Top 5: The best adapters for Android Auto Wireless – use your smartphone wirelessly

Android Auto brings smart smartphone functions into the car. The interface allows communication between the vehicle’s entertainment system and the Android device. Smartphone apps are, so to speak, mirrored on the screen in the car. This makes Google Maps available for navigation or Spotify for music. Voice control via Google Assistant is also possible, and the system can then read messages out loud if desired.

However, owners of older vehicles usually have to establish a connection between the car and the mobile device using a USB cable. Although Android 11 already supports Android Auto Wireless, many older cars do not. If you also want to protect the USB-C port, you can use a wireless connection.

Especially on regular short-distance journeys, it’s just annoying to have to constantly plug in your cell phone. It’s not uncommon for Android Auto to go on strike. Adapters promise a solution here. We tested the five best adapters for Android Auto Wireless.

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How does Android Auto Wireless work?

Cell phones with Android version 11 and above generally support Android Auto Wireless, Samsung smartphones with Android 10 and above. However, the infotainment system often does not work in older vehicles.

The basic requirement is that the vehicle supports the Android Auto standard and that the smartphone is recognized in advance when it is plugged in via cable. To do this, plug the adapter into the vehicle and establish a Bluetooth connection between the smartphone and the device. In the case of the AA Wireless, an app is available that takes care of this step.

The adapter acts as a “placeholder” in the slot on the USB port and communicates with the smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. You then set up Android Auto on the infotainment system; in the future, Android Auto will be available wirelessly after you start the vehicle. The connection takes approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute.

All Android Auto functions are then available, as you would expect from the wired connection. This is much more convenient, but the smartphone battery drains much faster with a wireless connection. For a long-distance journey, you should plug in your smartphone straight away.

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Platz 1: Carlinkit 5.0

The test winner is the one Carlinkit 5.0 for from 75 Euro (Select coupon for discount of 25 euros) on Amazon. First place goes to the adapter because of its currently fair price and great versatility. It is the only model in this best list that supports both Android Auto and Apple Carplay wirelessly (guide). The adapter also has an input for USB-C and USB-A. We had no problems with the device in the test.

The cuboid device with rounded corners measures 43 × 76 × 13 millimeters and is finished in sober black, which should suit most vehicle enthusiasts. Setting it up is incredibly easy: plug it in, connect your smartphone to the device via Bluetooth AutoKit_B2F Pair it and off you go. The Carlinkit logo lights up. The connection worked straight away and without any problems in the test. You can access it here without hesitation.

Adapter for Android Car Wireless

Adapter for Android Car Wireless

Platz 2: Motorola MA1 Wireless Android Car Adapter

We also tested that Motorola MA1 Wireless Android Car Adapter. You can currently get the device for at Amazon only 75 euros. Normally the price is 90 to 100 euros. Visually, the rounded dongle with USB-A plug is reminiscent of a Chromecast from Google. The setup is also incredibly easy.

The Android device must first be connected to the car via cable and set up. The Motorola MA1 then automatically connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth and tricks the vehicle into thinking it is a cell phone. This works reliably – provided that the car had already recognized the cell phone.

We tested the adapter on an Opel Insignia, where it is still in regular use. The connection with a Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra (test report) simply didn’t work. However, these are not problems with the wireless adapter, but rather with Opel’s outdated infotainment system, which simply no longer receives updates. However, it works reliably with Motorola mobile devices and a current Xiaomi 12 Pro (test report) is also recognized.

Platz 3: AAWireless 2023

The AA Wireless was one of the most popular adapters for a wireless Android Auto connection. The new edition AAWireless 2023 currently costs on Amazon 75 Euro. We tested the model. The square adapter with rounded corners in black measures approximately 50 × 50 × 12 millimeters. This makes it the most compact model in this list of the best and fits unobtrusively into the cockpit of the vehicle. The device is plugged in using the included USB-C to USB-A cable.

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Unusual: The setup is done via an app from the Google Play Store. A QR code for the app can be found in the instructions. The application guides the user through the setup, which can also be accomplished by laypeople. This only takes a few minutes. Firmware updates are available via the app, as well as the status of the connection and paired devices. Once the setup is complete, the adapter wirelessly connects the smartphone to the infotainment system after around 30 seconds. Practical: If you share a vehicle, you can easily switch between two smartphones using the app.

We had no problems with the device during a week-long test. However, a reader pointed out major difficulties with the adapter, which is why he switched to a Motorola MA1. We will put the device through its paces again.

4th place: Ottocast A2Air

It is visually very appealing Ottocast A2Air. The adapter normally costs 100 euros, but there is currently one available Coupon with a discount of 20 euroswhat the price on 80 Euro lowers. The angular, square device offers an eye-catching grain in two shades of purple. The dimensions are a very compact 58 × 58 × 16 millimeters.

A small weakness is the USB-C port: it sits very deep in the device. We usually use a short, angled USB cable (guide). However, this could not establish contact reliably, so we had to use a longer, straight cable. The first time, however, the pairing didn’t work, but on the second attempt we were able to successfully establish a connection between the smartphone and the adapter (CAR-B55A) by Bluetooth restore.

Platz 5: TVNTEC Wireless Android Auto Adapter

It works very reliably TVNTEC Wireless Android Auto Adapter. Unfortunately the adapter is on Amazon currently out of stock. Visually it is reminiscent of a tiny mouse. The scope of delivery includes cables with USB-A to USB-C and USB-C to USB-C. The setup is surprisingly easy. You plug in the adapter and connect the Android smartphone to the device via Bluetooth smartBOX-F57A. The setup then appears on the screen as if you were plugging in your cell phone for the first time.

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In our case, this was not necessary because the Samsung Galaxy S23 (test report) was already the “default device” for Android Auto. Here the smartphone even automatically connected via Bluetooth and asked the user to agree to the setup. The included manual initially intimidated us and referred to developer settings in the Android Auto app. But it wasn’t all that complicated.

So far we have been able to use the adapter without any problems. It’s a relief on short journeys not to have to plug in your mobile device every time to use Google Maps or Spotify while driving. This saves time and protects the USB-C socket on the cell phone. To this day we use the adapter every day and without any problems.


Adapters are a convenient solution. However, these require that the vehicle also offers the appropriate interface for Android Auto. If the older vehicle does not offer this, retrofitting the car radio is an option. But it’s more expensive directly from the manufacturer.

Another option is to install a new moniceiver that already supports Android Auto Wireless. This is a car radio with a touchscreen and interface for Android. However, these almost always require a 2-DIN slot and technical know-how during installation. You can get such moniceivers from unknown manufacturers for just under 200 euros, branded products cost more than 400 euros – expensive fun. We explain more about this category in the article Retrofitting Android Auto, Apple Carplay & DAB+: Displays, Moniceivers & Receivers.


The hassle of plugging your smartphone into the vehicle for Android Auto is a thing of the past thanks to inexpensive adapters. This increases driving comfort enormously, especially on short journeys. You can get corresponding products from just 40 euros. We have had good experiences with all of the devices on this list of the best.

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