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Protest Serbia against violence | Info

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Protest Serbia against violence |  Info

The “Serbia against violence” protest, organized by part of the opposition, was held on Friday evening in Belgrade.

Source: Phonet

The citizens first gathered in front of the House of the National Assembly and then started walking along Kneza Miloša Street to the “Gazela” bridge, which was blocked. The walk continued towards the Branko Bridge, which was also blocked until around 11 p.m.

The “Serbia against violence” protest, which was held twice last Sunday, began in Belgrade in front of the House of the National Assembly.

Jelena Mihajlović, one of the parents whose children were left without a place in the kindergarten in Pećinci, addressed the crowd.

“Since the demands of the protest have not been met by 6 p.m. today, I declare you gathered citizens a national assembly. Blockade is the only non-violent expression of civil disobedience that affects this regime. That’s why I say to this regime that understands only one message – we are ready to block Serbia. That’s why you now I’m calling for the blockade of Gazela and the Branko bridge, because Serbia has to stop in order for them to leave.” Mihalović said, reports RTS.

Already People’s Party deputy Siniša Kovačević, head of the “Moramo-Zajedno” parliamentary group Nebojša Zelenović, Sergej Trifunović from the PSG, president of the “Srce” movement Zdravko Ponoš, president of the “Kreni-Permeni” movement Savo Manojlović, president of the “Movement for Turnaround” were present at the protest. Janko Veselinović, President of the Freedom and Justice Party Dragan Đilas, President of the Democratic Party Zoran Lutovac.

The demands of the protest are the immediate dismissal of all REM members, the immediate cancellation of reality programs and shows that promote immorality and violence on television with national frequencies, a ban on print media whose content promotes violence, aggression and violates the journalistic code.

Also, they are demanding the dismissal of RTS management because, as they said, of broadcasting programs that affirm violence, crime and aggression.

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They also demand the removal of the national frequency from Pink and Hepi due to, they say, violation of the law and the promotion of violence, aggression and immorality.

Among the demands are the dismissal of Interior Minister Bratislava Gašić, head of the Security and Information Agency Aleksandar Vulin, acceptance of the resignation of Education Minister Branko Ružić.


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