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Extinction Rebellion activists climb the Veneto Region building – News

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Extinction Rebellion activists climb the Veneto Region building – News

Two Extincition Rebellion activists climbed a ladder this morning onto the balcony of Palazzo Grandi Stazioni, headquarters of the Veneto Region near the Santa Lucia station in Venice, and fixed a banner above the entrance that reads “Drought plan: I fear the Region also when he brings gifts.”
They then tied themselves to the balcony and from there they gave a speech to the citizens: “Like Cassandra in the myth of the destruction of Troy, science is unheard. Like the seer Laocoön, we warn the citizens” they say. In the square below, a papier-mâché “Trojan horse” was mounted; four “soldiers” held shields with the words “Ignore the science”, “Don’t address the climate crisis”, “Short-term solutions”.

“Today’s action – states a note from the movement – symbolically denounces how the Plan to combat the drought emergency of the Veneto Region is, similarly to the Trojan Horse, a dangerous weapon presented to citizens as a gift. A decree that does not recognize the climate crisis as the cause of the drought and extreme weather events we are experiencing not only does not address the problem but aggravates it”. According to activists, the plan addresses the effects of the climate crisis “as if they were isolated events and in a non-resolution manner. In the meantime it offers short-term solutions to mitigate only the immediate damage. The Government, both national and regional, continue to downplay the severity of the ecoclimatic crisis and to allude instead to a phantom catastrophism of environmentalists”. “Necessity pushes us to rebel and ask the Region and the government for coherent actions – said the activists from the balcony of the building -. We prefer uncomfortable truths to false gifts”.

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