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Iraqi Christian..! Written by // Qasim Hawal

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Iraqi Christian..!  Written by // Qasim Hawal

This is how we were born and how we lived and grew up, boys and men, and we remained two side by side images, and our entire Iraqi city and cities viewed the Christian personality as an icon of a beautiful life.

And since the nightmare of the Ba’athist establishment, the virus and cancer of Arab and Iraqi life, and the chaos that prevailed because of the American-British occupation under the cover of the legitimacy of the United Nations, the occupation that no one rejected at that time because of the people’s desire to get rid of the terror of the imbecile dictator and overthrow him without thinking about who comes after him “even if the devil is a substitute”, then he came from the imbeciles and greedy in siphoning off the country’s wealth, and the best of them are those who turned Iraq into a scary wasteland for today and the unknown tomorrow.

In the midst of the new horror, the Iraqi cities almost emptied of the beauty of the Christian personality, and many emigrated to countries of asylum, and there, in exile, Christians began to weep over Iraq. Iraqi Christians or Iraqi Christians were proud of their life in universities, in banks, ministries, and in cinemas, where American society films were shown, and love songs flourished as they passed by, “And you are on Dinky and I am on my religion.” And the Christian girl, whether she wears the traditional Iraqi abaya in which the Iraqi woman is proud of her beauty, or without it, she is an outcast, walking in the corridors of Iraqi universities and colleges, and everyone is happy and happy, and no one knows or asks about the sect and sect!

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Since the fall of the wall of terror, many Iraqi Christians have deserted us, and it was that all Iraqis who were able to emigrate left Iraq, and the immigrants multiplied as did the resident “Ansars”. The dust of desertification after a single flag was fluttering and the imbecile dictator wrote on it his cry claiming “God is great” and it is still written in the blood of the innocent, the blood of the martyrs of insane wars, and the marsh turtles began to walk crying on land or dry water, whose marshes disappeared, and the marsh fish died, including those that became extinct and their species became extinct, and we do not know where our species’ past is without electricity or water, and we heard the name “Thomas Edison” m The invention of electricity for humanity and the patron saint of the American people is being cursed from the pulpits of Imam Hussein. And we do not know where we are going to perform ablution with the remnants of the drainage water that flows from homes and mosques towards the remnants of trenches that were once called rivers!

The demographic situation today is ambiguous in Iraq and doubtful. And Iraqi assets are no longer pure! The Christian joy was extinguished in the churches, just as the historical sorrows of Christ were extinguished. And when the Christian presence became symbolic in Iraq, Iraq was no longer Iraq!

Militias alternated in power up and down, and the worst thing about it is the deserving of the presidency. It is not shameful that the president be a Kurd, but it is well-deserved to be president, and why is he not also a Christian, giving Christians and all honorable people of Iraq the confidence to rise up the country again, and why not be Mandaeans, in order to inspire joy in the souls of the Mandaeans, pure Yahya Zakaria, just as he is a Muslim, or a Jedi, or a Turkmen, it is important that he be worthy A for the presidency and worthy of the symbol and personal history that is impeccable and did not extend his hand on the money that builds a decent life for the Iraqis, and thus the entitlement to the appropriate place as the president of the “dear” Iraq.

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In this regard, he addressed the fear of the unknown, and the frightening looting that chaos gives legitimacy to. The media, in its space form, played in a deliberate way to legitimize the chaos of life that prevailed in Iraqi society, and now bears the characteristic of ignorance, the description of poverty, the description of murder and kidnapping, and in the absence of law, which calls for a review of the entire media process according to a national law that transcends the national spirit and the civilized character that is not tainted by racism or chauvinistic tendency. A media led by patriotic media and academics away from the cities, and in a city of Iraqi media founded by bright minds who do not know quotas, but rather know the country in its entirety of its lands and skies. A country led by cultural minds. The country really needs it. A homeland from which Iraqis do not flee, and Christians do not leave its churches devoid of prayers and love.

A short while ago, the international media published a frightening report about what was happening in the cities of Europe due to the ambiguity of the political and military situation, fires, environmental transformation, and open or undeclared wars. Despite the economic poverty sweeping Europe, if nuclear reactors are touched by the missiles of raging battles and nuclear fallout leaks from them, Europe may become an uninhabitable continent!

We are now living in the beginnings of a third world war, and the world may enter this war from its widest gates, and it will burn many conventional weapons, all the way to nuclear weapons.

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We have a homeland, and nearly a people who, by the number of their souls, constitute an immigrant people, and are now begetting a generation of healthy and knowledgeable grandchildren.. When Europe becomes a non-livable continent, where will the Iraqi immigrants go, if we do not prepare for them a homeland worthy of life and its people, a homeland that draws from the spirit of the Sumerian state and its history, a glorious civilized glory, and a more beautiful homeland, and God endowed it with gold in His holy land, and a homeland where the Euphrates and the coast flow Easy, sweet water that irrigates the palm trees of Iraq and the marshes of Iraq, and produces for the newcomers to it from its descendants a fair amount of dates..?!

Qasim Hawal – Iraqi filmmaker and writer based in the Netherlands

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