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Successful Wuhan 2023 Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival Marks Bumper Crop Year and Rural Achievements

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Wuhan 2023 Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival Celebrates Bumper Crop and Rural Achievements

Wuhan, China – The Wuhan 2023 Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival took place on the 23rd of this month in Liujiagang, Yongfeng Village, Fasi Street, Jiangxia District. Organized by the Wuhan Municipal Party Committee Agricultural Office, Wuhan Municipal Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau, Wuhan Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, and Jiangxia District People’s Government, the festival aimed to celebrate the bountiful harvest and promote harmony and beauty.

The festival showcased the talents of local farmers, who wrote, directed, and performed an outstanding party. Among the highlights was the vibrant harvest market featuring a wide variety of agricultural products. Additionally, a wall of smiling faces exhibited the joy and pride of the farmers in their harvest, offering a captivating glimpse into the fruits of their labor.

Various performances entertained the festival-goers and expressed the joy of the farmers’ successful harvest. The Qunli Brigade from Dongxihu District sang the uplifting song “Singing in the Water Town in Dreams,” while Li Meixiu and her team from Xinzhou District Satellite performed the dance “Xinzhou White Tea Gets Rich Busy.” Tu Cailiang and Yang Zhuangzhong from the Jiangxia District Peasant Artist Band took the stage to play the guitar and drums as they performed “Praise for the Harvest: I Love My Hometown.”

In addition to the festivities, a harvest market offered visitors the chance to purchase local Wuhan brand agricultural products. From grapes sourced from Qunli Village of Dongshan Brigade to white tea from Xinzhou Old Street and lotus roots from Caidian, a wide range of fresh produce was available for sale.

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The festival occurred amidst a series of positive developments in Wuhan’s “agriculture, rural areas, and farmers” sector. Huangpi District was granted approval to establish a “National Rural Revitalization Demonstration County” and was chosen as part of the first batch of national-level “Five Goods and Two Goods” Hebei Rural Pilot Project. Xinzhou District also received recognition as a “National Rural Revitalization Demonstration County” and a “Key County for Leisure Agriculture.”

Furthermore, Dongxihu District successfully passed the assessment and acceptance of the “National Agricultural Product Quality Safety Zone.” Several companies, including Keqian Biotech, Hubei Seed Group, Xinhuayang, Fubon Technology, Hubei Shendan, Sinopharm Animal Health, and China Seed Group, were approved as the Enterprise Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

Several villages and districts within Wuhan City also achieved noteworthy distinctions, such as being recognized as “National Rural Governance Demonstration Villages” and “National Demonstration Villages for Democracy and the Rule of Law.” Additionally, the first-ever post-evaluation of consolidating poverty alleviation achievements in the province displayed Wuhan City and four new urban districts leading the forefront.

The statistics demonstrated the city’s remarkable agricultural accomplishments. Wuhan has successfully completed the target of 2.18 million acres of grain sowing area, resulting in a bumper harvest of summer grains. The vegetable garden area, covering approximately 630,000 acres, now yields over 6,265 tons of produce daily. The output of pigs, poultry, and aquatic products has also experienced stability, ensuring a reliable supply of “vegetable baskets.” Wuhan boasts 376 municipal-level leading enterprises, with the output value of agricultural product processing reaching 190 billion yuan. Rural leisure tours have attracted an impressive 46 million people, while urban agricultural construction continues to advance steadily.

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The Wuhan 2023 Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival stands as a testament to the city’s agricultural achievements and the dedication of its farmers. With a prosperous harvest season and numerous advancements in rural development, Wuhan is taking significant steps toward a thriving agricultural sector and a more prosperous future.

Photo: Lu Wei (Xinhuanet)

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