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The New Campus of Xiang’an Vocational School to Open Next Year, Transforming Education in Eastern Xiamen

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The Herald reporter recently learned that the new campus of Xiang’an Vocational School is expected to be officially put into use next year. The construction of the main buildings and exterior walls has been completed, and other necessary installations and projects are currently underway.

The new campus, located in Neicuo Town, Xiang’an District, covers an area of over 127,000 square meters, with a total construction area of over 141,000 square meters. It includes teaching buildings, experimental complexes, training facilities, administrative buildings, libraries, and other ancillary structures. The campus also features a spacious underground garage and 6-person dormitories. To cater to the students’ recreational needs, there will be ample sports venues such as basketball courts and volleyball courts.

Once operational, the new campus will accommodate 120 teaching classes and offer 6,000 degrees. It will employ a staff of 520 teachers, contributing to the enhancement of vocational education in Xiang’an District. The campus project is part of Xiamen’s “7+2+1” education system, making it a key initiative to improve the educational resources in the region.

The construction of the new campus is a provincial key project, signifying its importance and impact on the local community. It is set to create a new educational hub in eastern Xiamen, elevating the overall educational standards in the area.

With the development of the new campus nearing completion, the Xiang’an Vocational School is poised to provide enhanced vocational education and a promising educational experience for its students.

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