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Umbria and Sardinia, a bond that dates back to the Nuragic period – News

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Umbria and Sardinia, a bond that dates back to the Nuragic period – News

“The Magic of Amulets. Umbria and Sardinia near or far? Collecting and archaeology”: a scenographic exhibition that tells of contacts and exchanges between Sardinia and Umbria in distant and even closer times. And it aims to create a twinning between the two regions in the name of the historical archaeological heritage. It is set up in the rooms of the Giovanni Lilliu centre, in Barumini, famous for its UNESCO archaeological site Su Nuraxi.

Ideally acting as a glue, an emblematic and unprecedented piece for Sardinia: the Nuragic ship of Trasimeno, which came to light in the waters of the lake in 2007 during dredging in San Feliciano di Magione (Perugia). Part of the heritage of the national archaeological museum of Umbria has crossed the sea and can now be admired for the first time on the island along the exhibition route, together with other new material for Sardinia.

The exhibition will in fact allow the public to admire the Sardinian materials kept in the Umbrian Museum which collaborated in the creation of the exhibition conceived and organized by the Barumini Foundation led by Emanuele Lilliu in collaboration with the Archaeological Fine Arts Superintendence for the metropolitan city of Cagliari and the Provinces of Oristano and Southern Sardinia.

There are three sections, the first is dedicated to “relations between Sardinia and Umbria at the time of the nuraghi”. Bronze artefacts such as axes, daggers, spearheads, ships, buttons and copper ingots are on display. The second is a journey into popular traditions with the 60 Sardinian amulets from the Giuseppe Bellucci collection, the great Perugian scholar passionate about paleoethnology and popular traditions, who passed away in 1921: an itinerary among amulets, therapeutic objects and magical-religious tools against lightning and hail, remedies against the evil eye, objects linked to significant moments in the lives of women, men, children and animals.

Then there is the space dedicated to the correspondence between Bellucci and Canon Spano, Sardinian archaeologist, linguist and ethnologist. A collection of letters kept partly at the Umbrian superintendency and partly at the University Library of Cagliari and which is being shown for the first time. The exhibition is open until June 20th. “Then the hope is that he can continue his journey towards Umbria to strengthen and consolidate relations between the two regions”, underlined the president of the Barumini Foundation Emanuele Lilliu.

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