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University of Mediterranean Studies – Articles – 30 November | Open Day of the Mediterranean

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University of Mediterranean Studies – Articles – 30 November |  Open Day of the Mediterranean

The University Citadel welcomed around three thousand high school students who filled the classrooms, terraces and laboratories of the Mediterranean University, whose avenues were teeming with enthusiastic young people curious to discover the places where academic life takes place.

The students, together with their teachers, were able to visit the University and acquire more detailed and direct information on the over 50 training courses of our different disciplinary areas: Agriculture, Architecture, Design, Economics, Law, Engineering, Nursing Sciences, Sports Sciences, Human Sciences.

Il Rector, prof. Giuseppe Zimbalattisaid he was deeply satisfied with the results of this day and expressed himself on this point with these words: “not only was there a huge participation from students from the schools of Reggio Calabria and the province, but above all the meaning that the Mediterranean University intended to give to the Open Day was understood, which is to promote conscious orientation. With this aim, the Departments and Structures of the University have offered information on study courses, services, enrollment methods and opportunities provided by the right to study.”

He then continued Prof. Rossella Marzullo, University Orientation Delegate: “The Open Day of the Mediterranean University was structured in such a way as to maximize discussion, reflection, dialogue and listening to girls and boys in the delicate phase of the transition from secondary school to higher education. Everything happened in the name of conviviality and interaction, also thanks to the presence of Luca Abete who chose the Mediterranean for his motivational tour #NonCiFermaNessuno. The message launched by Abete, who encouraged young people to never give up in the face of the challenges that life presents, is perfectly in line with the social and ethical mission of the University: providing the tools to face the future, forming consciences, the skills and abilities of the young people who will be the creators of tomorrow.”

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The students, teachers and also interested parents were able to visit the stands of the departments, the spaces that the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria makes available to students and which overlook the splendid view of the Strait, the terraces, the refreshment points, the gym and the numerous laboratories present in the Citadel. On the other hand, adequate knowledge of the study environment is essential to stimulate active participation in children, right from the beginning of their studies, which makes them protagonists of their choice.

The University of Reggio Emilia, both in terms of information and exhibition, stood alongside students to guide them in choosing their study path, also providing them with important information on current employment opportunities and the services offered.

Today’s Open Day aimed to instill hope and confidence in the future in young people and their families. A possible future even in one’s own land, a future that begins inMediterranean University.

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