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WhatsApp will stop services on more than 18 types of smartphones, how to check the Android version of your smartphone?

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WhatsApp will stop services on more than 18 types of smartphones, how to check the Android version of your smartphone?

WhatsApp 18 will stop services on smartphones of more than
How to check Android version of your smartphone?

Hyderabad: 27. September

(Sahar News/Social Media Desk)

Meta as the most popular social media platform worldwide Meta# Owned by Lumpini” WhatsApp WhatsApp#” has a distinct identity and feature of its own which is considered very popular. WhatsApp is one of the most used social media apps in the world. 180 In countries 60 In use with different languages. And daily 120 More than billion messages/videos/audios and images of different content are sent and received through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp continues to provide the best facilities to its users from time to time. In recent days, WhatsApp has made several updates and now it has also provided the facility of channels to its users. In addition to various companies, media and famous personalities, the user has his own Can create a channel.

India leads the world in WhatsApp usage with the highest number of users 535.8 million. While the number of users in the country till May last year 487.5 million. Brazil is second only to India in the number of its users 148 million, right there in Indonesia 112 million in the United States 98 Million, in the Philippines 88 in Milón, Mexico 77 Million, in Russia 66.7 Million, in Turkey 60 Million, in Egypt 56 million and in Pakistan 55 There are millions of users.

According to a survey report in the world 69 Percentage of Internet users using WhatsApp. And 70 percent of users check their WhatsApp daily. The surprising thing here is that WhatsApp only 55 A team of engineers takes over.

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Readers will be shocked to know that WhatsApp has become both our weakness and necessity. It is banned in China, Iran, Syria, UAE, Cuba, and North Korea. Using WhatsApp 73 Percentage of Android phone users and 22 Percentage iOS iOS# Users with

It will not be unnecessary to mention here that May this year 2023 WhatsApp management said in its monthly report that in the month of March this year, approx 47 Millions of WhatsApp accounts were banned. Among them 17 Lakhs of accounts were banned before any reports from users. Earlier, WhatsApp in February banned around 46 WhatsApp accounts of lakhs of Indian users have been banned. STD code of WhatsApp accounts in India 91+ is identified by

In the report released under the title of India’s Monthly Report under Information Technology, it was said that on March 1 2023- From 31 March 2023- between 47,15,906 WhatsApp accounts were banned before other users reported them 16,59,385 WhatsApp Accounts Banned. Last year WhatsApp stopped its services on some old mobile phones which were of old models and mostly unusable.

But now WhatsApp has Ancient Android More than 18 While releasing the list of smartphones of different types and companies, it has been announced that WhatsApp services will be stopped on these mobile phones.

According to WhatsApp management October 24 after the Android OS Version 4.1 // Android OS Version 4.1 Or it will stop updating WhatsApp on older Android smartphones. According to the announcement. 20 Along with updates, new features and security on more than 100,000 smartphones, WhatsApp services will eventually be stopped on such mobile phones.

According to the list of smartphones released by WhatsApp, most of them are thermomobile phones of old models and very few people use these mobile phones. Even remote areas or housewives use these old phones. Who do not get familiar with all of them.

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If you are also using WhatsApp on this old phone, it becomes necessary to buy a new phone. Because while WhatsApp has announced to stop its services on such phones, other apps also do not work on these old smartphones or Then their services become limited. There is also a threat to the security of such smartphones as they can be easily hacked.

The Android and OS version of the smartphones you have OS Version# How to see?

Settings of your smartphone Settings# go to
Phone Details: About Device#

Software details Android Version#

Thus by clicking on each option you can get complete details about your smartphone.

Here are the details of the smartphones on which WhatsApp has announced to stop its services.

Samsung Galaxy Note-2 @

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 @

Samsung Galaxy Ace @

Samsung Galaxy S-2 @

Samsung Galaxy Nexus @

Nexus 7 @

HTC 1 @

HTC Sensation @

HTC Designer HD @

Sony Xperia Z @

Sony Ericson Experia acr3 @

Sony Xperia S2 @

Motorola Droid Razer @

Motorola Zoom @

LG Optimus G Pro @

LG Optimus 2X @

Acer Iconia Tab A5003 @

Asus ee Pad Tranformer @


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