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Woman killed in Veneto, no recovery of van for today – News

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Woman killed in Veneto, no recovery of van for today – News

Today will be another day of waiting in the operations for the recovery from Bacchiglione of the ‘Nissan’ van in which the body of Alberto Pittarello could be found, the 39-year-old who supposedly committed suicide after stabbing his wife, Sara Buratin, to death , in Bovolenta. The situation on the river is still dangerous: at the point where the sonar identified the presence of the vehicle, the current is still very strong, and carries a lot of debris that would put the lives of the divers at risk. Only this morning did the level of the Bacchiglione appear to drop slightly, after the flood of recent days.

It is possible that this afternoon the firefighters will carry out some technical activities, such as checking with sonar whether the vehicle, about 7 meters deep, remained stationary at the point where it was identified on Tuesday evening.

At an investigative level, the prevailing hypothesis remains that the man was thrown into the river with the van voluntarily, after the femicide.

In the reconstruction of the phases of the crime, it emerged that the 41-year-old’s mother, the first to find the body, also attempted to resuscitate her daughter with a cardiac massage, in vain. Sara Buratin was hit by almost twenty stab wounds while she had her back to the attacker, two of them fatal, at the base of her neck.

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