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Body hair offside?Guoan’s goal was blown by Lu Wenjun’s meritorious service and fell behind Haigang 0-1 at halftime – yqqlm

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Body hair offside?Guoan’s goal was blown by Lu Wenjun’s meritorious service and fell behind Haigang 0-1 at halftime – yqqlm

Original title: Body hair offside?Guoan’s goal was blown and Lu Wenjun’s meritorious service was 0-1 behind Haigang at halftime

According to news on June 29, Beijing time, the 13th round of the 2023 Super League season continues to compete. Beijing Guoan ushered in the challenge of Shanghai Seaport at home. In the first half, Yang Liyu retired from injury, Ademi scored with a header and was blown, Lu Wenjun broke the deadlock, and Guoan temporarily fell behind Haigang 0-1.

Guoan completed a coaching change during this intermission. Stanley dismissed get out of class due to his coaching performance and coaching style. New coach Suarez is highly anticipated by the outside world. What’s more, his debut in the Chinese Super League is against the leader Shanghai Seaport. What can Guoan do? Change is also a big thing to watch. Haigang has a reason to win. After Shenhua won yesterday, they only led their opponents by 1 point. If they can’t beat Guoan in the away game, the suspense of the championship will be complicated again.

In the first minute after the start of the game, Wang Gang had a conflict with Caron, and the referee Ma Ning also gave a warning to the two, which also proved that the game was full of gunpowder; in the 12th minute, Cai Huikang was defending He shoveled Yang Liyu, causing the latter to sprain his right ankle, and then he was unable to persist and was replaced by Nabi Jiang; in the 29th minute, Haigang made a diagonal pass from the right to the penalty area, and Wu Lei inserted at high speed, facing Ngadeu’s close marking, right It’s a pity that he didn’t kick it when he volleyed in the air;

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In the 33rd minute, Maitijiang crossed the penalty area diagonally from the left again, and Wu Lei inserted it again, but he did not choose to attack the goal with a header, but with his knee, and also did not touch the ball; in the 34th minute, Han Jiaqi scored in the penalty area In the 35th minute, Engadeu made a long pass from the backcourt, and Nabijiang got the ball back in the penalty area, and Jiang Xiangyou swept the ball towards the goal with his right foot Before, Yan Jun Lingfei saved the ball, Ademi scored with a header, then VAR intervened, and Naibijiang was slightly offside when he went into the penalty area, and the goal was invalid;

In the 43rd minute, Oscar picked a pass from the right to the restricted area, and Wu Lei volleyed and kicked, but the ball rolled to the feet of Lu Wenjun, who advanced forward, and the latter scored with his right foot. Haigang led Guoan 1-0 in the away game; the first half ended. , Guoan temporarily 0-1 Haigang at home.

Beijing Guoan starting lineup: 1-Han Jiaqi, 4-Li Lei, 7-Jiang Xiangyou, 22-Yu Dabao, 26-Bo Yang, 27-Wang Gang, 32-Enga Deu, 5-De Sousa, 15-Gao Tianyi, 45- Ademi, 17-Yang Liyu (17′ 19-Naibijiang-Mohemat);

Substitutes: 14-Zou Dehai, 34-Hou Sen, 6-Chi Zhongguo, 8-Pu Cheng, 10-Zhang Xizhe, 11-Adeben Luo, 16-Feng Boxuan, 18-Fang Hao, 23-Li Ke, 28- Zhang Chengdong, 39-Yan Yu;

Shanghai Seaport starting: 1-Yan Junling, 2-Li Ang, 3-Jiang Guangtai, 4-Wang Shenchao, 6-Cai Huikang, 32-Li Shuai, 8-Oscar, 11-Lv Wenjun, 25-Maitijiang, 7-Wu Lei, 34 – Caron;

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Substitutes: 12-Chen Wei, 13-Wei Zhen, 15-Li Shenyuan, 20-Yang Shiyuan, 28-He Yu, 9-Paulinho, 16-Xu Xin, 24-Vargas, 10-Ping Ke, 14-Li Shenglong , 33-Liu Zhurun, 45-Liu Xiaolong.

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