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Sailing: Ocean Race Europe starts in Kiel in 2025 – with Herrmanns Malizia | > – Sports

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Sailing: Ocean Race Europe starts in Kiel in 2025 – with Herrmanns Malizia |  > – Sports

As of: February 14, 2024 11:52 a.m

After the Ocean Race Fly-By last year, Kiel can look forward to the next major sailing event. The Ocean Race Europe will start in 2025 in the self-proclaimed “Sailing City”. The Malizia team with Hamburg skipper Boris Herrmann is also there.

Kiel’s mayor Dr. Ulf Kampf (SPD) and Herrmann presented the plans for the European offshoot of the Ocean Race in Kiel on Wednesday. “Becoming a starting port is a great honor for us. This is a very, very big thing for us,” said Kampfer. “We want to have great sailing in Kiel even outside of Kiel Week. I’m really looking forward to it.” It is the second edition of the Ocean Race Europe after the first race in 2021.

“To be able to start in Germany’s model sailing city is of course the jackpot for us.”

Boris Herrmann

Rosalin Kuiper is also at the start with Holcim

The second regatta of the Imoca class through Europe will start on August 10, 2025 in the Kiel Fjord and will take the Malizia – Seaexplorer and Co. across all European seas. Herrmann’s former co-skipper Rosalin Kuiper is also there, who will then be at the helm for Team Holcim. “I’m super happy that we’re starting in Kiel,” said the Dutchwoman, who joined in from Switzerland.

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“Unvergessliches” Ocean-Race-Fly-By

Last June, the Ocean Race around the globe made a short visit to Kiel. On June 9th, more than 100,000 spectators watched the fly-by of the Imoca racing yachts from both banks of the Kiel Fjord before the eventual Ocean Race winner 11th Hour Racing and the Malizia set course for The Hague.

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“That was a spectacular passage that will remain unforgettable for us. Kiel showed itself at its best, a perfectly organized fly-by,” said Herrmann after the short visit to the fjord.

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The five Ocean Race yachts passed the Kiel Fjord, cheered by more than 10,000 spectators on the shore. more

In August 2025, Kiel will also have to prepare for a rush of sailing fans who want to be there when Herrmann and Co. set sail to sail through the Baltic Sea, North Sea, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

Kilometer-long event area on the Kiel Fjord

“We want to transfer the motto of Kiel Week ‘Free and outdoors’ to the Ocean Race,” said Mayor Kampf. “Everyone should get something out of it.” For this purpose, a one kilometer long event area will be set up on the Kiel Fjord. “Here we want to show what this race is about,” explained Uwe Wanger, Managing Director of Kiel-Marketing GmbH. “This is an event for all of Schleswig-Holstein.”

“We want to have great sailing and protect the seas.”

Kiel’s mayor Dr. Ulf Kampfer (SPD)

The Ocean Race Europe has the motto “Connecting Europe: Racing to restore our ocean and waters” and is scheduled to make up to five stops on the way to the destination port in the Mediterranean.

The next big Ocean Race around the world, in which Herrmann came third with the Malizia last year, will start in January 2027. Then Kiel would like to not only be a fly-by location, but also a destination port for a stage.

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