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Efforts to Improve the Management Level of Civilian Personnel – Ministry of National Defense of the People’s Republic of China

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Efforts to Improve the Management Level of Civilian Personnel – Ministry of National Defense of the People’s Republic of China

Source: PLA DailyAuthor: Army Political Work DepartmentEditor in charge: Li Qingtong2023-01-18 10:13

Efforts should be made to improve the management level of civilian staff

■Army Political Work Department

To build a team of high-quality and professional civilian personnel with both ability and political integrity, we must take the opportunity of implementing the newly revised Regulations on Civilian Personnel of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations) and related supporting policies to innovate management concepts and methods, improve The level of professional, refined, and scientific management will provide strong talent support for realizing the 100-year goal of the army as scheduled and speeding up the building of the people’s army into a world-class army.

Follow the law of development of civilian personnel team construction and innovate management concepts

Philosophy is the forerunner of action. It is necessary to actively adapt to the new situation and new tasks of the reform and development of the military, accurately grasp the new missions and new positions entrusted to civilian personnel in the new era, do a good job in the iterative upgrading of management concepts, and lead to better development of team building.

Accurately grasp the role positioning of “an important new force in our army”. Since the establishment and implementation of the civilian personnel system in our army, the majority of civilian personnel have devoted their youth and displayed their talents in the fields of military administration, teaching and scientific research, engineering technology, medical and health services, etc. Going forward bravely, shouldering heavy responsibilities bravely, winning praise and recognition with superb professional quality and good style image. The new civilian personnel system provides a wider and smoother channel for recruiting outstanding talents from society. All levels must fully recognize the status and role of civilian personnel, seek talents, and speed up the pace of talent introduction; The standard measures “newcomers”, be more patient and tolerant, and give enough time and opportunities for growth and improvement; pay attention to the professional expertise of civilian personnel, so that they are suitable for posts and personnel, so that they can play their due role in the construction of the unit.

Always focus on the core functions of service preparation and support to win. Being able to fight and win battles is the starting point and end point of talent work. The “Regulations” clarify that civilian personnel are part of the military personnel, who participate in military training and combat readiness duties as needed, undertake support and support tasks in combat and military operations with combat backgrounds, and participate in non-combat military operations. All levels should grasp the military attributes of civilian personnel, strengthen the clear orientation of the army as a war, and guide everyone to learn the theory to build loyalty, learn the military to strengthen the quality, learn the rules and regulations, and cultivate the family and country feelings of loving the army and striving to strengthen the army Strengthen the mission of shouldering heavy responsibilities and daring to fight tough battles, cultivate a tenacious fighting spirit that is not afraid of hardships and dangers, and have the courage to sacrifice, temper the good style of order, prohibition and strict discipline, and improve the ability to serve army building and combat support.

Thoroughly implement the strategic requirements of governing the military according to the law and strictly governing the military. The more modernized the army is, the more informationized it is, the more it needs to be ruled by law. In response to the problems of lenient and strict education management at all levels in recent years, the “Regulations” have been specifically standardized and clarified in light of the identity characteristics and job responsibilities of civilian personnel. All levels should strengthen the awareness of the rule of law, cultivate the rule of law thinking, improve the ability of the rule of law, insist on handling affairs in accordance with regulations and rules and regulations, prevent and overcome local policies and local regulations, avoid copying the model of active service personnel to manage civilian personnel, and promote the establishment of institutions to follow the new system. , The army is managed according to the new system, and the civilian personnel perform their duties according to the new system. Attention should also be paid to cultivating the strict organizational discipline concept of civilian personnel, so that they can trust and never let go, be strict at the beginning, strictly in accordance with the law, and combine leniency and strictness, so as to promote the improvement of the level of civilian personnel team building with strict and standardized management.

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Improve the management system around improving the professional, refined and scientific level

Manage efficiency and manage combat effectiveness. The new civilian personnel system not only emphasizes the common requirements of military personnel management, but also pays attention to maintaining the social identity and personal rights of civilian personnel. It needs to implement the principle of combining centralization and decentralization and focusing on efficiency to promote its implementation and build a sound and scientific education management system.

Strengthen political leadership and continue to cultivate souls and educate people. Political standards are the first standard for our military talents, and political requirements are the most fundamental requirements for our military talents. The “Regulations” emphasize the cultivation of civilian personnel who are politically qualified, proficient in business, have the courage to take responsibility, act proactively, fulfill their duties, abide by regulations and discipline, and have a professional identity of loving the military and serving national defense. All levels must persist in using Xi Jinping’s new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics to condense their hearts and souls, carry out in-depth educational and practical activities of “learning the thoughts of strengthening the army and making contributions to the cause of strengthening the army”, inherit and carry forward the glorious traditions and fine styles of our army, and closely follow the careers of civilian personnel Ideology and psychology at all stages of career, differentiation and precision promote the implementation of education. At the entry stage, it is necessary to highlight the nature, purpose, fine traditions, and fundamental functions of the military, and to establish a sense of identity for military personnel; the first period of employment must be relatively independent, and education should be organized to further enhance professional affiliation; the ideological and political education of the army should be included during the continued tenure The implementation of the system continued to consolidate the ideological and political foundation.

Create a characteristic culture and enhance professional respect. First-class management depends on culture. The “Regulations” make clear the oath of civilian personnel, commendation of meritorious service, etc., and establish the basic framework of professional culture. All levels should enrich the connotation and expand the extension in practice. It is necessary to integrate into daily work and life, straighten out internal relationships, promote unity, friendship, and mutual respect; strengthen ceremonial appeals, organize collective activities such as entry, party membership, and promotion in a timely manner to boost professional honor; adhere to the traction of activities, and extensively carry out knowledge competitions, sports, etc. Competitions, cultural and artistic creations, strengthen professional identity and identity; carry out meritorious service creation, publicize fresh deeds of meritorious service in battle and post meritorious deeds, vividly display the demeanor of civilian personnel, and establish a good image of being determined to strengthen the army and fighting for war.

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Broaden the space for growth and stimulate vitality. The great roc moves south to rely on Fuyao, and young people must take advantage of the opportunity to pursue their dreams. Platform space is crucial to talent growth. The new civilian personnel system has introduced a series of innovative measures for the academic improvement, growth and development of professional and technical civilian personnel, further loosening the constraints and reducing the burden. All levels should focus on giving full play to the professional advantages of civilian personnel with strong versatility between the military and the local government, consider the needs of military construction and personal growth as a whole, explore the establishment of cooperation mechanisms such as military-civilian academic exchanges, joint education and sharing of talents, open channels, and actively encourage participation in national and local training programs. Activities such as talent engineering plans and collaborative innovation of military and civilian science and technology have promoted the formation of a good situation that is conducive to the construction of the army and the improvement of the capabilities of civilian personnel.

Strengthen code of conduct to ensure healthy development. No rules no standards. The “Regulations” not only refer to active-duty soldiers to regulate security and confidentiality, going abroad (border), daily management, etc., but also put forward requirements for academic exchanges and employment restrictions for civil servants and staff of public institutions, providing a basis for scientific management. It is necessary to strengthen the development of work style, learn the rules and regulations and rules and regulations at the beginning of entering the camp, establish daily behavioral norms, and fasten the “first button” of the military camp; strengthen supervision and supervision, strictly organize political assessment, and earnestly publish speeches for approval Review, standardize financial discipline and restraint, guide everyone to have rules and deeds, self-denial, integrity and self-discipline; keep the bottom line of safety, strictly grasp security and confidentiality work, strictly implement safety management regulations, and ensure that the troops are pure, stable and highly centralized Unite.

Safeguarding legitimate rights and interests remains relatively stable. A sufficient sense of occupational security is the basis and premise for a dedicated officer to start a business. The adjustment of the new civilian personnel system optimizes the career development of civilian personnel, standardizes the handling of personnel disputes, and provides a basis for safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of civilian personnel and enhancing their sense of occupational security. It is necessary to handle matters such as assessment and evaluation, promotion and appointment, commendation and rewards, advance and retreat, and retention in a fair and just manner, so that those who are promising will have positions and those who do hard work will benefit, maintain a relatively stable team and serve the army for a long time; For matters concerning the vital interests of personnel, it is necessary to fully consult the opinions of superior business departments and legal experts, so as to be realistic, well-founded, prudent and prudent; to improve the mechanism for handling personnel disputes, to be lawful, timely, effective, fair and impartial, and to protect civilian personnel occupational security.

Accurately Grasping the Practical Requirements of Strengthening the Educational Management of Civilian Staff

Implementing the new civilian personnel system and improving the professionalism, refinement, and scientific level of civilian personnel management is an important part of implementing the strategy of strengthening the army with talents in the new era.

Strengthen organizational leadership. The party, the government, the military and the people, the east, the west, the north, the south, the party leads everything. In the management of civilian personnel, we must persist in the Party’s management of cadres and talents, and implement the Party’s absolute leadership over the military in all aspects and throughout the process. All levels should improve the construction system, clarify the responsibilities of party committee leaders, government departments, and grassroots party organizations, eliminate “middle-level obstructions” and open up “dead ends” to form a good pattern of joint efforts and joint management; do a good job in top-level planning , Incorporate civilian personnel into the “big plate” of talent construction in an integrated plan, draw a blueprint to the end, and grasp it one after another; promote implementation in a normal manner, put it on the agenda of the party committee, regularly analyze the situation, coordinate and solve problems, and ensure high-quality education management efficient.

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Improve supporting policies. Talent management is a complex system engineering, and the improvement of supporting systems and measures is the guarantee. The new civil service system focuses on the overall situation and systematically regulates education management. It is the foundation and premise to do a good job in implementation. All levels should not wait or rely, take the initiative to check the table, proceed from the actual situation of the unit, focus on daily education, management, work, life and other aspects, comprehensively sort out and study one by one, refine and implement specific measures, and get through the policy implementation “last step” kilometer”. If the current system regulations are inconsistent with the spirit of the new system, those that should be revised should be revised in a timely manner, and those that should be abolished should be resolutely abolished. To explore and accumulate useful practices in practice, it is necessary to summarize, solidify and promote them in time to promote the systematic development of team management.

Build a strong “civilian home”. Civilian personnel management departments at all levels are responsible for the important functions of identifying, cultivating, attracting, and gathering talents, and must strive to build a “civilian home” that is trusted by the party committee, recognized by the army, and satisfied by civilian personnel. It is necessary to further purify the ethos of departments and industries, strengthen service awareness, correct service attitudes, and improve service efficiency, so as to be loyal and reliable, adhere to principles, be fair and decent, be willing to be a ladder, and be honest and honest; build a strong business backbone team, organize regular business training, and improve Policy level and work ability, so as to achieve “policy communication” and “clear at one mouth”.

Strengthen inspection and supervision. The vitality of laws and regulations lies in their implementation. Responsibilities at all levels should be consolidated, and the education and management of civilian personnel should be included in party committee inspections, work supervision, and linked to help construction, and linked to work evaluation and leadership evaluation; mobilize the masses to supervise, unblock the channels for reporting problems, set up suggestion boxes online and offline, and carry out regular inspections Questionnaire surveys, organization of research and discussions, timely understanding of opinions and suggestions on the education and management of civil servants, publicizing policies, coordinating contradictions, and responding to concerns; strengthening follow-up and questioning, making changes in the implementation of the new civilian personnel system, and implementing “superior policies” If there are countermeasures from below, resolutely rectify, strictly investigate and quickly solve them, ensure that policies and systems are fully implemented, effectively safeguard the vital interests of civilian personnel, and continuously enhance their sense of occupational security and sense of gain.

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