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The Trieste stylist Renato Balestra died at the age of 98

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The Trieste stylist Renato Balestra died at the age of 98

The Trieste designer died on Saturday evening in Rome Renato Balestra, doyen of high fashion. He was 98 years old. This was announced by the daughters Fabiana and Federica together with the granddaughter Sofia who will take over the management of the brand.

The funeral will be held on Tuesday 29 November, in the capital, in the Church of Santa Maria del Popolo.

Renato Balestraafter more than sixty years in fashion, had passed the hand of his empire to his daughters Fabiana e Federica and the granddaughter, Sofia Bertolli Balestrato ferry the historic brand towards the new generations

The first sketch of the model, which became the dress for a friend, was designed by an engineering student at the University of Trieste.

His clothes have dressed crowned heads and international actresses, ever since, at a very young age, the future couturier sold his designs to support himself at maisons such as Sorelle Fontana e Schubert.

Among his best-known clients, the empress of Iran Farah Diba and the queen Sirikit of Thailand.

In the last interview given last April to the Piccolothe designer had let himself go back to memories, from the Trieste houses, to the Oberdan high school, to bathing and walking with friends, to music evenings at the Verdi theater, before the decision to leave the family and pursue the dream of fashion, Milan and then in Rome, where in 1959 he opened the atelier.

He is the only stylist from Trieste who has not received the San Giusto d’Oro Award.

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