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Ice on the tracks, delayed trains in the middle of the Veneto

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Ice on the tracks, delayed trains in the middle of the Veneto

The ice sends the railways into a tailspin: it is chaos on the tracks of the Veneto and for the connections with the other regions, Friuli in particular.

Heavy delays, exceeding an hour and with peaks of over two hours, were reported on the morning of Monday 12 December on the main railway lines in the region.

The inconvenience was caused by the ice that formed due to the sudden drop in temperatures. The ice with its patina creates serious problems for the railway infrastructures, in particular for the switches and for the overhead line used by the locomotives for the collection of electric current. The problems started around 4.30am.

The greatest problems due to the presence of ice are reported along the entire line between Venice and Vicenza and then on the Padua-Bologna between Padua Campo Marte and Rovigo. Problems also in the Verona hub and on the Verona-Rovigo route between Cerea and Badia Polesine.

But things are no better on the other lines, indirectly affected by delays and cancellations. The situation is expected to return to normal in the morning.

But the controversy rages among the commuters, given that the frost was widely announced and there was no need to be caught unprepared.

Queues formed on the Liberty bridge due to the many who took the car because the trains did not arrive. The tram was stopped due to the expansion of the cables due to the cold for half an hour during rush hour, between seven and eight this morning, causing further difficulties for those who went to work especially in Venice

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Padua station in haywire on Monday morning, especially commuters were affected with delays that came close to 5 hours. Some regional trains from Padua to Venice and Vicenza have been cancelled. Among those canceled the Padua Castelfranco of 7.53 and the Padua Venice of 8.48. On the Venice Padua Bologna line, delays of up to 2 hours.

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