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Political control and initiatives that councilors plan to execute

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Political control and initiatives that councilors plan to execute

Several councilors, including Héctor Javier Osorio and Juan Diego Amaya, have indicated that they are going to hold political control debates, if there is room for it. They also highlight the intention that, above all, there is respect for good debates.

It is important to know how much debt the previous president left Neiva, since there are lobbyists, even the mayor himself, Germán Casagua, has mentioned this fact, but the exact amount is still not known.

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The youngest councilor spoke

In this sense, Diario del Huila spoke with Humberto Perdomo, the youngest lobbyist to occupy this seat, who pointed out: “we see that there is a Municipal Administration that has left us with ‘cracked’ finances. And in recent years there have been a series of decisions that have affected the well-being of citizens and, above all, the projections we have as a city.”

Likewise, he assures that he will carry out political control of the decisions made by the Municipal Mayor and will be aware of the Development Plan to actively participate in the debates.

“And we have been working over the years with commitments to education, so we are going to continue with the idea that we have had since 2021 at the Universidad Surcolombiana and that is the differential rate in public transportation for students, so that we have a discount on the ticket to go to the cloisters and schools, respectively,” added the lobbyist.

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Recover Neiva

For his part, the councilor, Alejandro Serna, said that the Municipal Administration has the task of recovering Neiva and rescuing it from current problems in terms of security, road infrastructure and job creation. Given this, the corporation could not remain low and continue in eternal political fights, on the contrary it should take a qualitative leap towards political maturity.

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Likewise, he added that he presented a political control plan, “which has the objective of ‘undressing’ the reality in terms of how the municipality is received in all portfolios, we are going to summon the entire cabinet and most of the Municipal Administration, to see if it is true that we have major financial problems and if there are threats in the administrative component.”

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Violence against women

While the councilor, Lourdes Mateus, pointed out that citizens have very high expectations of the new lobbyists and plan to co-manage Neiva and move it forward.

“We hope to reach a consensus on a Municipal Development Plan, which is in accordance with the National Development Plan and from there to clean up the city. It is as if a ‘hurricane’ called Gorky Muñoz Calderón had hit us and now our role is to clean up the rubble and rebuild ourselves, it will take us a while due to the level of the crisis in which they left us. The important thing is that people understand and receive that message of hope, which is what will allow us to restructure,” added the lobbyist.

The woman points out that the corporation made the respective complaints, but these were not heard. “It must be said painfully that they were not listened to by the control entities, which played a silent role in the face of what was happening in Neiva and now we must all assume the consequences. The finances are discouraging, for example the Council’s contractors have been owed money since October, and not even the last fees were paid to us,” said Lourdes Mateus.

And among the projects that she has as an initiative to present, the official indicated that there are four, among which are: the elimination of violence against women, a plan called, “Neiva without harassment.” The second plan seeks to recover the historical memory of the municipality, based on the declaration of heritage of the Central Cemetery; A third idea is the regulation of the functions of the councilors, so that they cannot be limited in the municipality, only to payment, it requires regularization so that they can exercise political control and the last is to control the mobility of the ambulances that are linked to the Soat.

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Seeks to rescue credibility

Héctor Javier Osorio Botello said that it is a great opportunity for the Municipal Council to have the ability to understand the citizens of Neiva at this time.

“We are going to contribute to the good government that the people of Neiva require. We will carry out political control, as empowered by the Statute of Opposition and we will, of course, focus on ensuring that the Municipal Government does its tasks very well and, if necessary, supports the initiatives with great co-responsibility, thinking only of the well-being of Neiva,” added the politician.

And he indicated that he will evaluate the public policies that the Council has approved in the last ten years, and present initiatives aimed at strengthening the city’s finances.

We are a political control corporation

In turn, Juan Diego Amaya, president of the Municipal Council, expressed: “we are going to guarantee that the Council does what the Political Constitution and the law say. It must exercise sensible political control and in cases like the current one, of crisis, recover the city. The Administration is going through a very ‘dark’ moment, finances are in impressive deterioration, therefore difficult decisions have to be made, there is an excess of bureaucratic burden, for example we must carry out an administrative restructuring, enter into spending austerity.”

Among the initiatives that this politician has is to decentralize the Municipal Council, because according to his words, an air conditioner and a bathroom are damaged and they must go to the general secretary to request support, this official being a subject of control political, they live the same situation with the Ministry of Finance. The goal is for you to have autonomy and independence.

It is worth remembering that the vote to elect the new president of the entity, the 19, voted in favor of Juan Diego Amaya, and with 16 votes in favor and 3 blank, they chose Juan Sebastián Prieto, who will serve as vice president, and second vice president with a total of 14, votes in favor and 5 against, Camilo Perdomo was elected.

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Finally, Mayor Germán Casagua said: “The financial problem that the city is going through is critical. We must work so that citizens regain trust in politics, because it is no secret to anyone that people do not want to know anything about it.”

Likewise, he added that he will work to restore peace of mind to the citizens, since in his words, the security rates are overwhelmed, therefore he has made contacts with the Metropolitan Police and the Army, and will seek to counteract the crime rates in La Neiva.

According to the Political Constitution of Colombia, among the functions of the Council are: 1. Manage municipal affairs and provide the public services determined by Law. 2. Order the development of its territory and build the works that municipal progress demands. .

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