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Thousands in torchlight procession for Manuel, youtuber this week from the magistrate – Lazio

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Thousands in torchlight procession for Manuel, youtuber this week from the magistrate – Lazio

Crowd in Casal Palocco for child killed by SUV, also Gualtieri

– ROME, JUNE 25 – A torchlight vigil in memory of little Manuel, right where on June 14 he lost his life in the collision between the Lamborghini SUV, driven by YouTuber Matteo Di Pietro, and the Smart in which the child was traveling with the mother and little sister, in Casal Palocco, in the southern quadrant of the capital.
In thousands, all dressed in white, behind a banner that read “united for Manuel. We are by your side”, the citizens gathered in front of the child’s kindergarten, next to where the accident took place: to stay close to the family and give a signal, so that “a thing like this never happens again”, remind the citizens. The institutions were also present: the mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, the vice president of the Senate Maurizio Gasparri and the president of Municipality X, Mario Falconi, who said he wanted to “form as a civil party”, the senator Cinzia Pellegrino, national head of the Victims Department of FdI.
Meanwhile, on the investigation front, the first confrontation with the investigators will arrive for Matteo Di Pietro after the precautionary measure of house arrest applied to him on Friday on the provisions of the investigating judge. Early next week, perhaps as early as tomorrow, the 20-year-old accused of vehicular homicide and bodily harm will appear before the investigating judge as part of the warrant questioning.
But in Casal Palocco today is the day of solidarity. With white balloons held in their hands and then launched into the sky, citizens marched towards the neighborhood church.
“Viva Manuel”, many shouted as they arrived at the church to the applause. Then the words of the priest: “I want to convey to you what Manuel’s mother transmitted to me, what she did every evening with him: two prayers which are the certainty that Manuel is now in heaven, that this death can give new life to the love for God and in love for us, the only thing that conquers death and conquers hatred”.
The torchlight procession then headed to the point of impact, where hundreds of flowers, soft toys, colored pinwheels, and balloons with the words ‘Manuel’ were left in memory of the little one.
“Rome clings to the pain of little Manuel’s family. Many here in #CasalPalocco to remember him and express closeness to his parents and his community. His unacceptable death broke the hearts of the whole city”, so Mayor Roberto tweeted. Gualtieri, present today at the torchlight vigil for little Manuel in Casal Palocco. At the end of the procession, the mayor left a bouquet of flowers at the scene of the accident.

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